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PINCH WALL is a porous cast component wall designed and fabricated by a team of undergraduate architecture students enrolled in Jeremy Ficca’s course, Digital Tectonics: Robotic Fabrication. The system serves as a prototype of a load-bearing, variably porous wall. A hexagonal grid pattern efficiently nests components, while allowing for a variation in hexagonal cell size and proportion in relationship to wall porosity.


Students utilized parametric modeling and robotic fabrication in the production of two-part molds for subsequent casting. Each of the 145 unique casts nest tightly against their neighbors and rely upon system of ‘surface valleys’ that ensure proper alignment of units.

Nelly Dacic Jared Friedman



Nelly Dacic

Jared Friedman

Puja Patel

Craig Rosman

Arthur Azoulai

Christopher Gallot

Spencer Gregson

Matthew Huber

Jaclyn Paceley

Giacomo Tinari

Eddie Wong



Jeremy Ficca