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Mattress Factory Art Museum

Pittsburgh, PA

March 30, 2012 – January 6, 2013

Jeremy Ficca


3X4608 dislocates the neutral continuity of the gallery floor to confront our understanding of everyday materiality. Our sense of floor as a single-sided, painted surface is altered through the relocation and material exploitation of the ordinary plywood sheet. The relative thinness of the sheets is no longer a convenient means to cover up the messiness of the past. It becomes a formative device that is amplified through repetitive material removal and is reliant upon essential material characteristics. The revealed floor establishes an alternative narrative that is informed by traces of prior use and abuse.


Our physical reality bumps up against us and then disappears from view. The interventions in Gestures 2012 reveal and perplex. The show opens up the building and then reaches in. The process of creating the installations will be collapsing, constructive and collaborative. 

– Mary-Lou Arscott, curator